About Ballroom Geelong

Ballroom Geelong was established primarily to offer a fresh, youthful and modern option for bridal couples wishing to learn a bridal dance to top off their wedding day preparations.

Our principal teacher, Stephanie Simpson, has been learning to dance since she could walk. Stephanie competed in Dancesport competitions winning two national championships by the time she turned 15.  Subsequent training in several other dance styles has added to her repertoir making Stephanie the perfect choice to choreograph and teach you a special dance for your wedding day.

Ballroom Geelong offers you instruction in a wide range of dances appropriate for your wedding day.  These dances include: 
Traditional Waltz - Foxtrot variations - Tango variations -
Cha Cha Cha - Rumba (The dance of love!) 

Private lessons are available for couples and/or bridal parties.

Please call or see our facebook page for further details:

0416 663 846

Ballroom Geelong.com.au

You're one step closer to completing your wedding preparations by learning your own special bridal dance.  Our aim is to make your wedding day the best ever! 

Our private dance instruction is in a relaxed setting.  After a few short lessons, and plenty of laughs, you will have the confidence and ability to make your first dance together as husband and wife a memorable one.

We can tailor a bridal dance to almost any music, so you can dance to your own special song or learn a routine that will go with one of the classics. Together we can choose a dance and create a routine that you feel comfortable with. 

As a guide, four to six lessons should see you well prepared to feel confident and to dazzle your guests.

'Couples' lessons start from $40 per hour.      

We look forward to meeting you soon.

0416 663 846